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"I'm Ninniachel Undomiel and I would like to be in Ravenclaw house, although I wouldn't mind Gryffindor, but I do not want to be in Hufflepuff."

Please tell me a little more about yourself.


"One thing that makes my family stick out from others is that a lot of us are metamorphmagi, and most of us are born with pointed ears. My mother is Sarlinna Tinuviel, and my father is Alar Undomiel, he died in the Second Wizarding War. My first language is Sindarin, though I can also speak English and Faroese. My mother was in Ravenclaw, and my father Gryffindor. My favourite things to do are sports like Archery, Fencing, Athletics and Quidditch, Sketching & Painting and also reading. I own a Kneazle and Niffler cross named Minaethiel."

GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please go to Diagon Alley and collect your things.


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